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My publication was chosen as the cover image in Small Volume 16, Issue 31 🚀

Image credit: SMALL

My Small publication which was published online on 22nd June 2020 was chosen as the cover image in volume 16, issue 31.

Check out the cover image in in high quality at the webpage of the journal SMALL by clicking directly on the blue link.

Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) are clinically used as diagnostic agents, serving as a contrast media when exposed to a magnetic field. In article number 2000746, Jörg Huwyler and co‐workers evaluate synchrotron radiation‐based hard X‐ray tomography (SRμCT) for the localization of SPIONs in soft tissues. In the cover, the tissue distribution of SPIONs is visualized after intravenous injection in a three‐day old zebrafish embryo by SRμCT, with views within the blood vessel looking at the surrounding soft tissue and onto SPIONs engulfed by macrophages. Image: Courtesy of Jan Stephan Bolten.
Dr. Emre Çörek
Dr. Emre Çörek
Regulatory Toxicologist

My research interests include nanoparticles, drug delivery, imaging, and toxicology.